Robot with Children

 How can I avoid it?

It is forbidden to use any type of robot in poker rooms. Operators are quick to respond and prohibit players or freeze their accounts. Using a robot means risking the bankroll.

Poker rooms have employees who specialize in detecting robots. It is said that Partypoker has up to 100 robots specialists in its workforce.

However, scammers and poker rooms continue to learn new techniques, and operators can only respond to each new attack.

Software experts see that operators have improved over the protection of poker robots. If there were no player tracking, the robots would have lost their efficiency.

On the other hand, the world of poker could lose its transparency and there would be no way to do analysis.

More efficient and more realistic could be to change the small elements in the use of the interface or in the same code. For example, if the turn card were queen of hearts, but represented as a “ring of hearts,” there would be no difference for a human player, but a robot could not read it.

Players have only one way to protect themselves: paying attention. Similar game styles, identical game times … are evidences of poker robots.

If you detect a robotic player, it is very convenient to report to the poker room.

Who has done it?

Robots on PokerStars

In 2010, scammers managed to get more than 60,000 dollars.

The styles of these players were identical: 7emenov , bakabar , craizer , mvra , nakseon , kozzin , demidou , koldan , daergy and feidmanis. For these similarities robots were identified.

They were changed to new limits at the same time. They all had the same VPIP values, and offered the same game patterns. When the information from these accounts was compared to a large number of human players, the poker room saw clear evidence of scam.

The robots played 8,320,121 hands at 25c / 50c, 50c / 1 $ and 1 $ / 2 $. They made a staggering $ 60,000 profit.

PokerStars compensated all affected players by showing great competition and professionalism.

The Swedish robot scam

In early 2013, players reported suspicious behavior from a group of players in the Swedish state-owned poker room Svenska Spel.

Even the police got involved in the investigation. On that date, it was running for four months.

In the end, 14 accounts were involved with this large-scale scam. They played at all limits from 25c / 50c to 25 $ 725 and robbed more than $ 300,000.

Svenska Spel acknowledged his responsibility and compensated all affected players.










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