Online Poker Scams: Robots

The most common online poker scams are the robots.

Discover how to detect them and know the most striking cases.

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Learn how to avoid them and you know some of the most famous cases.

What is it?

They are software programs, virtual machines that play poker without requiring any attention.

Mike Caro, the “crazy professor”, is the inventor of poker thefts. Its original software was known as “Orac” but it can not even compare to the software that is online today.

Between 1988 and 1998 most online gaming players were computer geeks. They developed their own skills based on the analysis of how the software works.

The robots already existed in those dates but the original idea had no economic ends. Developers wanted to find a way to create artificial intelligence.


The first poker robot appeared in the market in 2001. However, they were very complicated to use so only the software experts could do it.

Today, poker robots cost between $ 70 and $ 150 and are very simple.


According to the general opinion of poker experts and players, the robots are not able to beat a human player in games like No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha.

However, they seem much more efficient in games like Limit Hold’em.

The vast majority of players are against them. There are some like Barry Greenstein who would like to see a general authorization of robots, if they are officially labeled as what they are.

That way, each player could have the opportunity to decide for himself, whether he wants to play against a robot or not.

The most efficient way to use robots is by collecting points to erase a bonus and create a rakeback. To do this, you only need a robot that does not lose money.

At low limits, players often play standard ABC poker, which makes it easier to create a robot that can compete.

The robots do not get tired, so it is possible to delete bonuses even in the micro limits. However, someone who lets his robot play for 24 hours or more will blow an alarm into the poker room system.

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