Big challenges Of Poker

First challenge

Having achieved the above-mentioned records, Boekhoff explained how the idea of ​​self-challenge arose:

“A friend visited me to watch me play at 40 SnG simultaneously. Since it would have taken me a long time to start 40 sit-and-go tournaments at my usual levels, I registered randomly at SnG tournaments of different levels. ”

Thomas Boekhoff

“Playing in the low buy-in sit-and-go was like stealing a candy from a kid.”

“Playing in low-stakes SnG was like taking a candy from a child. It was very easy to take advantage of the other players in the bubble. That afternoon I won about 500 $ just playing low-stakes SnG. ”

After that session the 21-year-old then analyzed his results at, seeing that he had an ROI with over 4,000 SnGs played from low stakes. He then decided to start a two-week challenge by playing only these kinds of tournaments.

He planned to start with a $ 100 budget and turn it into $ 10,000 in just 15 days.

“Most people thought it would probably take at least five days to go from $ 100 to $ 1,000, but I was a lot more optimistic.”

Finally it was not as easy as I expected.

“After more than 1,500 tournaments I was practically as I started and this made me think that I could not because my intention was to play as much as 5,000 sit-and-go.”

“At that stage I began to doubt myself. After 10 days of playing, I was about to leave as my winnings fell from $ 6,500 to $ 5,500, but on the 11th I had to change my mind by making $ 1,900 in just one session. ”

Finally Boekhoff played a whopping 7,432 sit-and-go figure of $ 16 at most in the 360-hour duration of 15 days, earning just over $ 10,000.

Rules and objectives of first challenge

Challenge 1:

Boekhoff had 15 days to grow his budget from $ 100 to $ 10,000 playing only tournaments with a maximum of $ 16 buy-in.

If Boekhoff lost all his budget the challenge was considered finished and without being achieved. Rakeback and bonuses were not counted as profit.

A webcam was installed to follow the whole process.

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