Big challenges of poker : Second challenge

After the great success of Boekhoff in the previous challenge, his popularity grew quickly, so he started a new challenge and this time he did with a lot of players following his evolutions.

This time the challenge was to transform $ 5 into $ 100,000 just by playing sit-and-go tournaments and all in a maximum of 12 months.

Boku87 managed to have 71 open tournaments simultaneously.

After two weeks “boku87” had managed to accumulate practically $ 10,000 of benefits, rising to $ 24,000 in just three months.

After this great achievement began to have technical problems and even inconveniences with his health.

He had a downturn and was below $ 20,000, at which time Boekhoff decided to stop to recover from his health problems, setting aside the challenge for two months.

When he returned he did it in a steamroller mode, as he had accumulated $ 37,000 in February 2010, rising to $ 64,000 in early March.

In April he decided to take a little break, in addition to transforming his VPP into money. Soon his budget reached the $ 80,000 barrier.

In May he reached the goal. He raised from his “usual” 50 simultaneous tournaments to a maximum of 71.

On May 19, shortly after 11 pm, Boekhoff stopped playing, getting $ 4,000 of another bonus and declared his challenge as outclassed.

Rules and objectives of second challenge

Challenge 2:

Boekhoff had 12 months to turn $ 5 into $ 100,000 playing just SnG. In this “boku87” challenge he could redeem his bonuses and add rakeback to his winnings.

There were no specific rules regarding maximum and minimum tournament entries.


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